Re-storying Cities: the Glasgow 2020 Project

What can be learned by inviting citizens to re-story their cities?  This was a question posed by Demos, a British think tank for “everyday democracy.”  From my perspective, the most interesting finding to come out of the experiment was the utility of the re-storying process itself.  By engaging citizens in creative ways, a diversity ofContinue reading “Re-storying Cities: the Glasgow 2020 Project”

On-line activist storytelling:

I recently found out about this on-line project at a workshop given by Donald Smith (Director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre). Donald had recently returned from a conference on creative clusters in Glasgow, where he had presented in the same session as Bjorn Enes, the editor of Unfortunately for us anglophones, the site isContinue reading “On-line activist storytelling:”

Tea, the Storytelling Festival, and the Birth of a Website

I was explaining what I was doing over here in Scotland to some storytellers and storylisteners over tea at the Netherbow Theatre Cafe during the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, when someone asked me what I was going to do with my research.  I’m sorry to say that the question stumped me.  I hadn’t really thoughtContinue reading “Tea, the Storytelling Festival, and the Birth of a Website”