On-line activist storytelling: www.Neveragain.no

globeI recently found out about this on-line project at a workshop given by Donald Smith (Director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre). Donald had recently returned from a conference on creative clusters in Glasgow, where he had presented in the same session as Bjorn Enes, the editor of Neveragain.no. Unfortunately for us anglophones, the site is almost entirely in Norwegian, so let me explain it briefly.

Neveragain.no was set up by Bjorn Enes as a means of sharing stories between aging anti-nazi World War II veterans and Norwegian youth.  A number of professionally filmed video recordings of veterans telling the stories of their experiences are available on the site.  Creatively, the site also allows viewers to post their own related stories.  The project is currently being expanded to cover experiences in other countries.  The hope is that preserving and sharing these oral histories will help to prevent such atrocities from occuring again.

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