Books and Maps: two of my favourite things

Despite dabbling in social networking, I’m not really that much of a high-tech gadget or app fan.  The one exception is digital maps, the more interactive they are the better, throw in books and I’m hooked.  So when I recently stumbled upon “Edinburgh Reads“, I lost a good hour or more of writing time.

Edinburgh City Libraries have put together an impressive map of fictional Edinburgh.  Over one hundred novels and series have been included on “Edinburgh Reads”.  Mike and I have been reading (and watching) Edinburgh through the eyes of Inspector Rebus for longer than we’ve lived here, but in looking at the map I realized that we’ve only touched the tip of the literary iceberg.  Each entry is connected to the library catalogue, so I can literally choose my holiday reading by map, then swing by my local branch to pick it up.

Of course, the most exciting part for me is that my own book is on the map, uniting my love of reading and writing with my love of geography (I have a PhD in human geography).  Those who have read “How to Make a Golem (and Terrify People)” will know exactly where to find it on the map.  For the rest of you, I wish you happy hunting!

Edinburgh Reads can be found here.

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One thought on “Books and Maps: two of my favourite things

  1. Found it! Gives me a better sense of the environs where the book takes place. The Hill isn’t as big a chunk of wilderness as I’d expected, but not bad in a city the size of Edinburgh (which seems to have a lot of green space in general.)

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