Re-storying the Middle East: Starhawk’s Plea in Dark Times

dovesStarhawk blends spirituality, story and activism in a completely grounded way. I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop with her in Montreal during the lead up to the Quebec City Protests of 2001. I was impressed by her presence, her compassion, her insight and her commitment. I highly recommend taking one of her trainings if you have the opportunity.

I have read many of her books and the rest are on my “must read” list (which is admittedly a very long list.) The Twelve Wild Swans is particularly relevant to this website as it is structured around the fairytale of, you guessed it, the wild swans. Starhawk retells the story in an earth-centred women-empowering way and then provides twelve chapters of exercises to help groups and individuals re-story their selves and their actions in the world in relation to the tale. It is a book for people who want to deepen their spiritual connection to the earth, their knowledge of their selves, and their commitment to activism. It is a book that makes good use of story.

Besides books, Starhawk has many writings available for free on the web, you can begin by perusing her home page.  You can also subscribe to her list to receive her periodic essays. The latest one, sent out December 30th is a plea for an end to violence in Gaza. I am posting on it here because in it Starhawk calls attention to the power of national myths to shape the actions taken in the world. In order for healing to happen, she argues that a new story must be shaped and told about the nation of Israel, one that includes the Palestinian people.

Starhawk on Gaza, December 30th 2008

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