Scottish Biodiversity Stories

An on-line project hosted by the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh and sponsored by Scottish Natural Heritage provides a searchable data base of audio and textual stories and information about Scottish species.   The sources for these stories, and story-material, vary from interviews with elders, to scientific documents, to Scottish literature, to collections of traditional andContinue reading “Scottish Biodiversity Stories”

Transition Tales in Totnes: Imagining A Positive Low-Energy Future

Transition Town Totnes, in the south of England, has also hitched story to imagination in an effort to change the course of their community’s future.  Seeking creative ways of coping with the twin specters of peak oil and climate change, they have hosted a series of storytelling workshops with adults and children both in schoolsContinue reading “Transition Tales in Totnes: Imagining A Positive Low-Energy Future”

Crumbfest in Edinburgh

I told the story of The True Meaning of Crumbfest last night at the Scottish Storytelling Centre‘s Christmas Storytelling Cafe.  It is a profound story about how a young mouse by the name of Eckhart discovers what Christmas is all about.  An environmental and animal-friendly take on the season by Prince Edward Islander David Weale.Continue reading “Crumbfest in Edinburgh”